Graduates and Alumni - Please read the information below:

We appreciate your interest in our site and want to help you get a job. This site does not post resumes'. It provides a service for employers to complete a job request form and have it sent to the Career Services Office at the schools they choose. Those offices will A) search their databases and match resumes - then send copies to the employers for consideration, or B) post the job opening on their Web sites for their graduates to see.

IMPORTANT: You need to contact the Career Service office at your Louisiana school and supply your resume' to them to be included in their database.

If you are not a graduate of a Louisiana school, we can suggest you visit another Louisiana job site - - to post your resume'. This site is open to ALL Louisiana residents seeking a job. It is sponsored by the La. Dept. of Labor.

We wish you the best in your search for a job in Louisiana and hope we have helped in some way.

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